High standard 1911 philippines

High standard 1911 philippines

High Standard Supermatic Trophy High Standard Supermatic Trophy 22lr,5 High Standard Model B - with Origin High Standard Model D. View Category. Trades Accepted: No Read More. High-Standard, A1. Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. In the box Ready for Immediate Shipment!

The High Standard "" series consists of a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols. MA1, the standard issue US Service pistol from to This item includes the "US" Military Checkered Hardwood Grips, giving this particular a distinctive look, reminiscent of US Military operational campaigns the world over for the last seven decades.

The High-Standard series pistols are constructed of Chromoly steel with a cast frame. Armscor knows how to build them, and they've had many years of practice doing so, making Armscor manufactured s one of the best values on the market compared to many other brands, brands that sometimes end up costing two or three times more.

high standard 1911 philippines

The High-Standard A1 includes two test fired spent pieces of brass shipped with each gun, and the inspection certifications are signed in person by the inspector. Everything is handwritten on the inspection certificate, and nothing is rubber stamped. There is a three-day inspection period once it reaches the dealer. Must be shipped to an FFL. If paying by personal check, bank cashier's check, or money order, please allow up to 14 days for the check to clear the bank prior to shipment.

We are able to cash them at the same time we ship your purchase, and there is virtually no waiting period. Missouri residents must also pay 7. FULL Payment must be received within 7 days. We do not accept trades or swaps. All items are subject to in store sales, so please acknowledge all email correspondence from us within 24 hours in order to confirm the sale, select your method of payment, and coordinate delivery through your FFL.

Read More. Condition: New In Box. Location: MO.

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high standard 1911 philippines

Tags: Aug 22, 1. Joined: Aug 22, Messages: 12 Location: Oklahoma. Hello members,i have a "new" high standard A1 GI. This is my first ,i have always been a glock guy but wanted a mans gun.

Buyer's guide for all you 1911 addicts...

Not saying a glock isnt a mans gun but i mean come on, the turned this year and wat better year to buy one. As with my other guns i love customizing and there is no limit to wat u can do to a Is there anyone out there who has a HS A1?

I plan on pretty much changing everything on it. MrWrayAug 22, Aug 22, 2. Joined: Nov 29, Messages: 4, This MAN owns a Aug 22, 3. Aug 23, 4. Joined: Jun 20, Messages: 1, Location: Mississippi. Welcome to the forum!! I have handled a few they are made just like the rock island guns. I have an armscor frame on my all standard parts fit it but they all required fitting not because its an armscor but because its a H-DAug 23, Aug 23, 5.

Last edited: Aug 23, Aug 23, 6. Like has already been said, most any of those parts will work with a litte fitting. I have several happy customers that have bought them and they give positive feedback.You love to hit the target. You value protecting your home and the people in it. You understand the meaning of what makes a truly great firearm. Armscor-Rock Island Armory is a best-fit manufacturer for the pistols, rifles, shotguns and ammunition you need for your concealed-carry, home-defense, self-defense and competition shooting lifestyle.

Pack something that brings true heat. The way we see it, everyone should have the right and the means to shoot. Learn more about our Dealer Stocking Program here. Both bullets have very similar heights and widths.

And even though they look pretty similar, their performance is what makes a huge difference. One can never have too many firearms. How about you? Is one enough? Most people, but not everyone, understand that firearms are tools and you need the right tool to do the right job.

Hunting wild boars in the bush is quite different from plinking in the backyard or defending your home and family. Learn More. XT 22 MAG learn more. Revolver M Spurless Learn More. Free Download. Industry's Top Warranty Get your firearm registered today.

Register Here. Shop Advanced Tactical Ammo, parts, accessories, you name it, we've got it. Buy Ammo Here.WMV format, 3. For the past or so years, pistol manufacturers have been trying to dethrone the. They have introduced shorter, longer, fatter, thinner, lighter, heavier, slower, and faster handgun cartridges, but the. New pistols chambered for the ancient cartridge are introduced every year to shooters, both in the traditional pattern, or some variation thereof, or in the newest high-tech plastic design.

When I was a kid, I used to carry around in my pocket everyday, everywhere, a Federal Cartridge Company ballistic chart. I loved those little charts that Federal used to give away. I spent a lot of time studying the little pocket chart.

One of the least impressive cartridges to me was the. There were modern, flat-shooting magnums listed on that little chart, and the ballistics of the.

I saw little need for the. Why that cartridge and gun had not been discontinued decades earlier was a mystery to me. I was an ignorant kid.

1911 Cleaning

I was almost twenty years old before I got a real hankering for a Back in those days, one fully expected to spend as much money customizing and tuning a new as he spent for the basic Colt pistol. Today we have it pretty good. You can walk into any self-respecting gun shop and walk out with a pistol that is equipped with everything that it needs to be a good fighting or target pistol right out of the box. Also, the. In other words, regardless of my youthful uninformed opinion, the.

The improvements made in recent decades to upgrade smaller bullets to the degree that they perform as well as did the. There are many good choices of caliber for a defensive pistol, but it is hard to argue with the success of the good old forty-five. Just as it is hard to beat a.

I cannot count, nor will I attempt to, the number of manufacturers around the world that are producing a style pistol. There are many good choices on the market, and one of them is the subject of this piece; the High Standard Crusader Compact. The Crusader Compact is a well-built defensive handgun with forged steel parts and quality assembly.

The Crusader Compact is finished in a business-like matte Parkerized finish. It has a bushingless slide with a coned barrel for a good slide to barrel fit. It has a single spring over a steel guide rod recoil spring system. This is no stripped-down basic pistol. The Crusader Compact has an excellent set of steel Novak-style combat sights that are very easy to see, and offer a good sight picture for target work.

They are dovetailed into the slide, and the rear sight has a set screw to loosen to make windage adjustments. Another feature usually found only on more expensive pistols is the beavertail grip safety and skeletonized Commander-style hammer. The feed ramp is polished, and the barrel is throated to feed hollowpoint ammunition.

The trigger is a good-looking partially skeletonized unit, with a crisp trigger pull that feels lighter than its measured five and one-half pounds. The short magazine still holds seven rounds, for a loaded capacity of eight, and has a base pad for positive insertion into the slightly beveled magazine well.The Rock Island Armory series is a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols.

MA1the standard issue US Service pistol from to The Compact model features a skeletonized hammer and beavertail grip safety while the Tactical model also adds a target-grade hammer and trigger as well as an ambidextrous safetyand enhanced contrast combat sights. RIA series pistols are constructed of chromoly steel with a cast frame, and are available in. The general specifications for Rock Island Armory pistols are: [7].

Variants of Rock Island Armory pistols include: [3] [4] [7].

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Semi-automatic pistol. Retrieved February 23, Archived from the original on Retrieved Squires Bingham International, Inc.

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Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 9 September Armscor USA. Archived from the original on 3 September Jason "Making the Rock Island Armory. Categories :.

High Standard 1911A1

Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. RIA Tactical pistol discontinued model.Discussion in ' General talk ' started by bacSep 7, Buyer's guide for all you addicts Sep 7, 1. I believe that with everyone's efforts, we can make this site truly special and certainly the best forum around.

With our knowledgeable staff and outstanding member base, that will soon be a reality. This thread is designed specifically to help both new and existing fans make some tough choices. Let's face it, s are built by a large number of companies and people. Likewise, finding the perfect gun for everyone in their respective price range is an impossible task that I certainly can't accomplish with consistency.

However, I'm looking to help narrow the choices and at least give some candid information on the models in my possession. That said, I will try to list the characteristics of each, regardless where my preference ranks it.

This list is comprised primarily of s that are currently available new. With a couple exceptions, these will not enter the discussion until the end. I will include my discontinued s that can be found some very sparingly on the used market in the last section of this guide. In addition, this work is designed to be edited as I continue working towards completing my collection.

Another mention is that all of the models to be reviewed have been running great. A few had a failure or two during the first couple of magazines, but have since been perfect.

Unless I mention otherwise for some of my newer additions especially, most of these pistols have rounds through them. My effort in this guide is by no means a torture test, nor is it a test of longevity, its simply a means to get the quick information sought by members looking for a in a certain price range.

It can also serve to possibly sway somebody to hold off for a in the next category up. As far as categorization is concerned, I grouped these pistols in several different classes, based on features, characteristics, quality, and price.

I don't wish to offend anybody who thinks his or her particular model should be ranked in a different category than where you see it here. I enjoy s in all price ranges, as evidenced in this thread. It must also be noted that several of my s, especially the more expensive models, include some factory options. The prices listed do not include these extra options, but I will certainly mention them in my description.

Other than factory options, none of these models have been modified in any way, shape, or form.

high standard 1911 philippines

They are completely stock. While proper modification is certainly a great way to fix a particular shortcoming, it will not give a true measurement of the in question. My aim is to describe these guns the way they're available to the public straight from the manufacturer.

I'm closing this thread after posting it to preserve it in its original form. However, its also meant to be interactive so please use the link below to post questions or add comments, if you desire.

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Of course, if you have a question you don't want shared, you're welcome to send me a PM as well. Link for all comments and questions Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, Sep 7, 2. In my opinion, these are some of the cleanest looking s built today and many people prefer the classic look, especially if they have no plans for carry. What a true GI replica lacks, among other features, are the standard enhancements necessary for the reliable extraction of cases and the easy feeding of conical bullets.Here at GunsAmerica, we have been running a number of reviews for some super nice, high end s lately.

There is something to say about the fancy pants custom and semi-custom steel frames. But there is also something to say about the other end of the spectrum, the el cheapo s. Love or hate the John Browning design, you can not dismiss its history and longevity. The good folks at Springfield have been making some nice s since the s right here in the US.

They used to have what they called the G. This was a no thrills parkerized that was very close to what was issued to the G. They have discontinued that line over the past few year but have the Mil-Spec model filling its role. The Mil-Spec has a wider and lower ejection port and bigger sights. You can find my full review of a Mil-Spec here. Springfield Mil-Spec. I tried to push it back to the frame it would not move to the frame….

I know the safety lever is made to be removed from the frame by moving it between safe and fire and prying it from the frame….

God bless. My son bought a Rock Island tactical in 9mm.

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It shoots great! I like it so much I may get one for myself. It had no problem handling the cheap ammo from Walmart. I received a Caspian Tactical Master custom made from a friend. It is a beautiful custom built gun and super accurate. It was my first The tolerances are much tighter than a standard and it was very difficult to turn the barrel bushing to break it down for cleaning.

It could not be turned by hand. I tried a bushing wrench, but it was difficult to control the recoil spring and more difficult to put it back together. My experience with armscor is not good I had one go off in my holster while cocked and locked purely a junk gun if saving a few dollars is worth getting shot over buy one but remember beware you were warned. So both the thumb and grip safeties failed simutaneously with the hammer falling. What are the mathematical probabilities of that go on at the same time.

And all while the gun was untouched by human hands. That truly is a junk gun. Thanks for letting us know. Lol I smell the sarcasm coming off this one, but really who carrys cocked and locked.

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