Maskrom download boot fail

Maskrom download boot fail

If you tried flashing your Samsung phone with odin and you are getting error messages or experiencing different problems, this post is for you. Today i am going to show you different solutions to common odin errors when flashing your phones. You can try the solutions and see if it will fix the error. The nand write fail error in odin is often cause by a bad or corrupted samsung nand file system. This error can also occur sometimes when you are using a.

Some users have reported been able to solve this problem by using one of the following solutions below:. Solution 1: Download a new Odin tar firmware in zip format and try flashing your samsung again.

Extract all files on tar to cywin home folder Open cygwin and cd home Then tar your files in this order 1. Modem 4. Cache 5. System 6.

Others Tar command tar -c slb. Your phone eMMC chip might be broken, and Odin will not be able to initiate the flash procedure. This safest option is to take your phone to a qualified repair center or engineer. The phone is actually functional only the display is blank. So imagine that your display is broken and try to boot into download mode. Make sure re-partition and auto reboot is not tick and flash again. Try using and old version of odin e. Then flash it again and see if this solve your problem.

After flashing the stock firmware through Odin and ending up with the error message, take off the battery and put it back again. Start the Odin program on your computer and connect your phone. Now download the CWM Recovery or any other custom recovery package for your specific model. It should tell you that some package is missing and that it wants to install it, choose Yes. Next, it may ask for root, so once again choose Yes.

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Finally, your phone should reboot and your firmware should be working properly. In case the phone reboots back into CWM Recovery instead, just choose reboot system now again and this time it should boot normally.

There can be different reasons for that: 1.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 15 June - AM. Finally, I got my V88 back. Not key combination, not try and try. The working method is using "mask rom mode". I refer this site. The following is my steps: 0. I use timeless one Good luck for everyone!

Flash everything and then, for future updates, use the RKAndroid Tool and do not tick the Bootloader marker. If the bootloader runs, don't touch it and if you think you shouild touch it, flash a newer one, but never the same or an older one. Posted 15 June - PM. I'd still like to get a customized CWM created which can be accessed during a cold boot. I think having this on our tablets will make is virtually "un-brickable. OK its working for me now. But wich squares should be ticked on in the RKAndroidtool v1.

Now im getting an error in RKANdroidtool v1. Diquan, I'm getting the same error. How did you solve this problem? Download the rkandroid tools from my downloads list in the first topicthat wil solve the problem btw i tried to upgrade to 4.Moderators: tatubias, twjordoKEgg.

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Skip to content. Someone please advise. Not even the internal recovery console. Its been a crap storm trying to get it to boot for the PC w drivers. Not green at all. The block was blue. I believe I read somewhere that indicates it's in mass storage mode. I attempted flashing with three different builds, all met with same result.

I'm not a programmer and a reg edit might be necessary. Gulp Wish me luck. If any have pointers or leads that don't involve drivers, I would love to hear them. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk 2.

maskrom download boot fail

Tried the "switch" button within RK Batch too. It gave me an error saying the action wasn't supported, or some like. Additionally, I can't remember from the first successful flash whether the blue box preferably green blinked yellow in the seconds before the error came up.

It did this last 3 attempts. If the IV is connected via USB with the micro SD card in and without engaging flash mode, should it show as a mass storage device and populate in Windows as any removable storage would? I would swear mine did when I got it Apparently OEM driver disc software had crapped all over my lawn Just pulled all my USB ghost drivers and half baked device software.

I had made of mess of the Rock chip drivers somehow too. I don't use a usb hub on my PC box, so swapping ports was eventually counterproductive. Here goes, again. After cleaning ghosts out of the device manager I restarted the PC. All went as it should till half way through driver install. The computer now recognizes the IV by name every time I connect it and says the drivers are installed correctly, but gave me an installation disc 1 error when i reinstalled it. It keeps specifying rockchipusb.

Does the RK driver set leave reg keys? If not, I'm thinking it might be a corrupt dll. I wanna delete the offending files manually, but need clarification as to whether its safe.Login or Sign Up.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Hi all! Google services crush. The red light is constantly on, it does not react to the reset. It is not power on with power adapter and with computer connected USB cable reset hold. Photos inside. Please somebody help. Tags: None. Maxime Capraro. Hi again Tolian. Comment Post Cancel. Thanks so much for the quick response. I'll try just now and write abut results! Last edited by Tolian ; It helps! Stock firmware worsk stable the same.

But I don't remember it's number and can't find it in Internet. Ho Tollian, Where can I find this software?For clone devices from China which are loaded with low-quality ROMs or even a wrong one. That makes the Android TV project is unstable or even get bricked within the first-week usage. Avoid hand-made Male-to-Male cable that can damage the motherboard as well as break data transfer channels silently.

I found myself fail 7 times before this circuit method work and the Android Tool can recognize the device in Maskrom mode. The worst scenario is Windows does not recognize the Android box aka. I build myself an old A-A USB cable that causes the tool to warns about bad memory chipset blah blah while the true problem is firmware file.

A good example is this device have a true recovery mode with a convenient method to access it via this Recover hole, all you need is a toothpick. Compare to my fake MXQ4K from China, the recovery does nothing more than an infinitive logo boot loop, what a shame!


Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. So you need an intensive method to reflash the ROM via Maskrom mode. Windows 10 Server February 5, September 17, December 4, September 15, February 5, Check Also. Nearly half of all global 5G phones are sold in China February 22, Close Search for.Could someone to tell me step by step how to do? Thanks in advance.

FWIW, I just flashed the entire android 9. Who can guide me step by step? I don't know what is eMMC and how to format it.

And then how to put the PX6 in Loader mode? When i connect to pc i get only MaskRom mode This is not entirely true. If your device cannot go into Loader mode e. I can confirm this from my own experience.

If you formatted the eMMC your device cannot boot into Loader mode anymore. Run AndroidTool. The firmware version, loader version and chip info will be read and displayed. If the above fails e. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service.

maskrom download boot fail

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MASKROM AIO #2 – Android TV box Brick-Hang-Stuck at the Boot Logo – Amlogic s905 vs Rockchip RK3229

Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Hello Everyone! I recently got a H96 MAX RK which was "kind" of working, I mean besides the overheating problem which I just placed a fan on the box and solved the problem it was working correctly, but I needed to update it in order to attempt to install Magisk on it. I started the device, nothing, it was dead, even the remote doesn't work anymore.

Connecting to PC shows no device anymore. After that, I opened the device and tried to find the two contacts I needed to get the device to appear again in the software not really sure if they are the correct ones, check the picture attached, anyway the device shows up again, not as Loader any more but as MASKROM.

Problem is, no matter what I do, it just says "Download Boot Fail". Last edited by Mywk ; Tags: None. Hidid you eraseFlashbefore flashing with AT??? Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by gefattern View Post. Originally posted by Mywk View Post. I'm completely new to this so I've just been following guides but can't seem to get anywhere! Thank you! It seems to be bricked for good.

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So lets drop here some more data, just in case someone knows how to help. Drivers: Tried 4. There are Ways to unbrickbut i do not know how to do this.

maskrom download boot fail

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